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it’s here, it’s out, it’s released, it’s out.

the self-titled debut album by our very own Viva Machine hit stores yesterday. if you’re one of the seven people reading this blog then you probably already know how amazing it is so i won’t reimpress that fact onto you (but, it’s amazing. just FYI).

THINGS TO DO. these are things you both need and want to do.

1) download the single. FOR FREE. no catch… download ‘Earthquakers & Loveshakers’ here. it’s been getting some pretty sweet radio play but it’s still underground enough that it’s OK for you cool kidz to dance to.

2) buy the album. i know you think that you don’t really need it, but THAT THOUGHT IS WRONG. i have 3 degrees in psychology and i know what’s best for you. buy the album buy the album buy the album buy the album. i’ve stolen quite a lot of money to facilitate its release and i need to sell enough to put it back before anyone notices. please help.


3) repeat point 1.

4) repeat point 2.

5) watch 3/5ths of the band playing a very special acoustic version of album track ‘Go Johnny Go Go Go Go’ in their garden. it’s so beautiful it’ll make you cry…

please ensure you carry out points 2 and 4 by the end of this week as we’re locked in a pretty hot chart battle with kasabian right now and we’re only 25 sales ahead!!! HELP US!

some quotes about the album to help persuade you (i would normally make something up to sound good and go here but i promise that these are the opinions of actual real people!! I DID NOT MAKE THESE UP I PROMISE)

“certainly one of Brit-rock’s great hopes”

“‘Earthquakes And Loveshakers’ is a massive tune that builds and builds like a mammoth Jenga set-up just to fall hard and destroy your eardrums… you’ll love it. It should offer a nice smack in the face to many of the indie-electro pretenders out there right now.”

“one of this years’ hottest albums”

“demands to be danced to”

” they teach you how to spell Dracula, bless ‘em! ”

“polished to fuck”

“Believe the hype, Viva Machine are coming to rock your body right.”

and my personal favourite:

“These lads might just be rock’s answer to Lady Gaga”


that’s it for now, i think. don’t forget the band are playing a release party show in swansea on friday night at the monkey cafe. support comes from suns of thunder and canterbury among others. it’s gonna be bloody lovely.

BYE xo



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things are going well, i think. ‘VIVA MACHINE’ hits all good record stores from a week today on june 15th.

if you signed up in advance for the free download single (which a good few more of you did after hearing it on the bruce dickinson 6 music rock show at the weekend. thanks bruce!) then you’ll be getting it later today in reward for your loyalty to the cause. for those of you that didn’t sign up yet then head over to the band’s site now and you’ll get it next week!


rightttt, keep an eye on your inboxes for the single, people! ta ta xxx


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gosh, so busy! we’ve negelected to update our goings on for a while as this whole record label lark steps up a bit.

so, what’s been going on for the last week or two?

well, there are now a whole pile of boxes sitting in front of me that have the finished copies of VIVA MACHINE in, that are ready to be sent out to the record stores of the land. you can pre-order it on the rather lovely by clicking over here.

the tracklisting is now ‘out there’ on the play and pre-order pages too so i guess it’s only fair we tell you blog dwellers what it is! hold tight and see if your favourite track made the cut…

  1. Robot Bodyrox
  2. Go! Go! Go!
  3. Earthquakers And Loveshakers
  4. Oxygen
  5. Deathstar Trucker
  6. Yo Ho
  7. Here Comes The Speed Of Light
  8. Supernova
  9. A Futuristic Dracula
  10. Mental State
pretty sweet, right?!
OH! and most importantly. well, equally as important at least… the video/single/video!
if you scroll down a bit you can watch the brand spanking new video for ‘Earthquakers & Loveshakers’ which is released as a single on June 15th. the best part about this single release is that it is FREE! all you need to do is join the band’s mailing list (and to be honest, no-one can ever really be bothered to send mailouts so you’re getting a pretty good deal). AND if you sign-up for it before june 8th, we’ll email you the download link then, A WHOLE WEEK EARLY, just to celebrate your sterling music taste.
so. homework;
a) watch the video below
b) go to and sign-up to get it. (FOR FREE! remember?)
all sorted? wickeds.
BYE ❤ xo

video shoot!

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what up blog readers! today myself and viva machine are coming to you live from south east (very south east. think we’re almost in holland) london..

the video shoot for ‘earthquakers & loveshakers’ is well underway and right at the moment. dai is setting his drums up in front of the green screen that the other guys have been jumping around and playing in front of all day. dp (as he is otherwise known. small viva machine fact for you) is the last one up for this part of the shoot. then, after a small and slightly belated lunch break, the band will spend the rest of the afternoon, evening and night, playing as a full band just like a regular gig…. only with a few small extras that you’ll have to wait for the video to see!

‘earthquakers’ will be hitting the radio over the next few weeks so we’ll be sure to let you know which of your favourite drivetime stations you can call in to request the track. fun, right!? the single is out on june 8th for the forgetful amongst you, and it’s FREE!

keep an eye on the twitter for some sneaky peek pics of the shoot!

ta ra..

well, gosh

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i just got the radio edit in for ‘earthquakers and loveshakers’ (it had a rude word in it. naughty). it sounds fucking RIDICULOUS. ridiculous good, not riduculously shit. it sounds bigger than anything i’ve ever heard, probably.

decided on a whim that it’ll be out on june 8th too. week before the album, so it’s all nice and tidy.

promos getting made now. video shoot next week! third eye blind on the office stereo. how jolly exciting.

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seeing as how we started a record label i thought we better start a website for it. good idea, right?

in summation for the last few weeks:

Viva Machine – ‘Viva Machine’ is released june 15th. it’s amazing.’

‘Earthquakers & Loveshakers’ is released as a single just before then. if you please

i’ll make this look better later, promise x

ps. anyone wanting to get in touch about wanting to put viva machine on the cover of their magazine (you know who you are) you can email me at kthanksx